Business Affairs

Audiovisual, cinema, animation, video games

My services will depend on your needs. I can intervene on a case by case basis to facilitate the creation and follow up of any application to funds or tax credits or any reporting that needs to be done. I can also offer my services on a more regular basis to help you manage the day-to-day business affairs of any projects in development or in production.

Thanks to my international experience (including France, Canada and Luxembourg), I can handle the administration of international co-productions whether bipartite or tripartite.

In summary, here’s a non exhaustive list of services that I offer:

  • Business affairs
  • Subsidies and tax credits applications
  • Crowdfunding campaign
  • Coproductions

Management Project

Audiovisual, animation, digital, and video games

You need a Project Manager who knows the industry you are working in? Who is efficient, organized, good communicator and excellent mediator? I can offer my services.


Whether it is to set up the administrative structure that will enable you to develop your project with a quiet mind or to carry out the management of the project, you can count on me!


Audiovisual, cinema, animation, digital and video games

Thanks to my experience in banking and in production, I can review your slate of projects and define with you a global strategy for your slate and / or a specific one for each of your projects.

I can also help you in your international strategy. 

 Expertise - Confidentiality - Efficiency